Be a Part of Something Life Changing. Join the Movement for Meaning

For the 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men who will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime, having access to Exhale to Inhale classes can mean the difference between just surviving and truly thriving. 

The Movement for Meaning is a movement of people all over the country who uncover resilience in the lives of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Join this dedicated group of extraordinary humans as they work with us to bring the tools of yoga to those who might not otherwise have access.

Own, Manage, or Teach at a studio? Choose one of your regularly scheduled classes to benefit Exhale to Inhale or host a special class. When you register, we'll send you a toolkit of information to help make your class a success! Once your class is completed, simply donate the proceeds through the link provided.

Don't own a fitness studio but want to get involved? Whether you Om, Spin, Dance, Box or Zumba, ask your home studio to donate the proceeds from a regularly scheduled class or schedule a special class to benefit Exhale to Inhale. And be sure to check back on our events page to participate in a scheduled fundraising event!

What we do is more than just yoga. Exhale to Inhale's trauma-informed yoga classes are a tool that help survivors of domestic and sexual violence reconnect to the power & strength they have inside, so they can create the lives they want to live. The yoga mat is a safe place where people can begin to reconnect with themselves, to practice making choices, express when something doesn’t feel right to them, and figure out what would work better. 

When you join the Movement for Meaning, you are elevating the conversation around domestic and sexual violence in our community, you are honoring survivors, and you are changing lives. 

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We are grateful to our past movement for Meaning partners!

Join these incredible studios.  Host an event to help raise awareness for domestic and sexual violence & support Exhale to Inhale.