Ashley Asti Skincare is handcrafted in small batches with love and organic ingredients. With no toxic or synthetic ingredients, the line is designed not only to feed your skin, but nourish your body and our planet. 

With every purchase of Ashley Asti Love-Your-Body Deodorant a donation is sent directly to Exhale to Inhale.

Here's why the deodorant you use matters. Spread the knowledge to your daughters, sisters, mother, and best friends. 

With more and more scientific studies linking the rise in breast cancer and other diseases with the toxic chemicals found in our skin care products, makeup, food, and environment, it’s important to nourish our skin with pure products that celebrate its health and beauty. 

Across the board, doctors are now suggesting that women diagnosed with breast cancer switch their deodorant. Deodorants, which are applied so near the breast tissue, are often full of chemicals that are linked to breast cancer tumors: parabens, aluminum, BHT, artificial fragrance and more. Even so-called “natural” deodorants contain artificial fragrances and synthetic perfumes which are created with synthetic, toxic, and hormone-disrupting ingredients. 

Fortunately, we've got a solution that nourishes you, the earth, and those you love. The Love-Your-Body deodorant does just that: loves your body with pure, clean, organic goodness. Using only edible, gluten-free baking ingredients and organic oils, this deodorant celebrates women’s health by feeding our skin with what it deserves: safe ingredients for a radiant inside and out.