You make it happen! Exhale to Inhale exists due to generous support from people like you. 

Bring someone one step closer to experiencing the power of choice and possibility. Donate now to bring the healing power of trauma-informed yoga to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.   


Here's what our students say about exhale to inhale

"I guess yoga is about getting to know yourself … we treat our bodies so badly and this feels like I'm treating my body right. I actually feel like somebody now." 

"I come to yoga classes because they make me feel better ... we keep it all in and yoga is a way to release and feel free."

"I've tried a lot of styles of yoga but what's unique and special about this was that I felt like I really belonged."

"The very first time I didn't know what yoga was. And when we started with the yoga teacher we were happy. We didn't want it to end."

I am committed to supporting Exhale to Inhale because it exemplifies so many things that I believe in. As a mom, I love that it shows my three sons how one person’s idea and initiative can impact the lives of many. As a feminist, I love that it’s creating a supportive, nurturing community for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. And, as an athlete, I love that it provides women with the means to feel strong, confident, and at peace in their bodies.
— Exhale to Inhale Supporter

Your tax DEDUCTIBLE donation supports:

  • Free trauma-informed yoga programming to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault

  • Scholarships for trauma-informed yoga training to Exhale to Inhale volunteer teachers

  • Continuing education and self-care opportunities for Exhale to Inhale volunteer teachers

  • Trauma-informed yoga programming and self-care workshops for shelter staff

  • Education materials for shelters, community centers, and the students we work with on benefits of yoga & mindfulness

  • Outreach in the communities we serve to raise awareness around the issue of domestic violence, sexual assault, and yoga as a tool to address trauma

Please tell your friends about us. We are proud to be doing our part in the fight against domestic violence & sexual assault, and hope that you will help us! 

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to "Exhale to Inhale, Inc." and mail to:
Exhale to Inhale, Inc. 1732 1st Avenue #21133, New York, NY 10128.

If you would like to hold a fundraising class at your home studio click here. If you would like to establish a program at your shelter or community center and you are in NY, or L.A., send us a message.