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For the last two years, Exhale to Inhale has been fortunate to have the support of Samsung. Recently, our founder had the chance to speak with Ann Woo, (Director of Corporate Citizenship for Samsung Electronics in North America) about her role, Samsung’s investment in giving back, and the company’s vision for the future.

Zoë: What is corporate citizenship?
Anne: Corporate citizenship at Samsung is our commitment to drive change and make a positive impact in communities.
Zoë: What does your role as the Director of Corporate Citizenship entail?
Ann: I have been so fortunate and humbled in this role. Our team guides the company to discover interesting and exciting ways that Samsung can give back—by galvanizing the power of technology, our partners, our people and other resources-- to make an impact for those who need it the most.
Zoë: Why does Samsung invest in corporate citizenship? What impact do you see within the company & community?
Ann: We invest in corporate citizenship because it’s important for companies to have a voice and be an actual catalyst for change. We work in complement to other parties—charity organizations, governments, etc. and bring a different perspective to how change can happen. Within the company, the impact has been amazing. There is something profound in being side-by-side with your colleagues in a different context than work to do something good for others. We are also so honored to work with organizations like Exhale to Inhale, supporting their efforts and witnessing the impact that they bring.
Zoë: Samsung’s 2020 vision has the tag-line, “Inspire the world, create the future.” How do you see that vision taking shape throughout the company & in particular within your team?
Ann: At Samsung, we believe we are creating the future in the products and services we bring to market while inspiring the world to think and be better. The work we do is one small part of that vision brought to life.

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